Tuesday, May 11, 2010

**************We have the power to be healthy by how we eat!!!!

I have been searching for the fountain of Youth (being healthy) for the last 18 years and it has been quite an adventure! I have learned a lot but still have only touched the tip of the iceberg!

In the Word Of wisdom in the Doctrine and covenant sec. 89. It teaches to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and very little meat. What great advice! So many of us are malnutritioned and aren't getting the mineral in our fruits and vegetables because the soil has been depleted through the years, so it is important to take trace minerals.

We have so many toxins in our society (water, air, food, sugar, negative attitude) that we build up toxins in our bodies which changes our body to a more acidic environment, where germs and toxins do thrive and cause disease. It weakens our immune system, so we can't fight off the germs that are in our body and we get diseases.

We have the power to stay healthy or become healthy again! I get busy and eat what is easy. A number of years ago my daughter and I went to a raw preparation class given by Agi, she makes the best raw foods. I bought video's and recipe books on how to prepare raw veggies and nuts, and started to makes some of these recipes, but got lax. I am going to commit to prepare some of those amazing raw recipes to go along with steamed veggies, healthy soups, salads, brown rice, juicing etc.

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Celeste said...

It is a life long learning thing isn't it. I look forward to learning more and more about eating and being healthy. It is easy to sometimes be lazy and go with what is easy, but I can totally see a difference when I try hard to eat more raw foods, use raw sugar, and to juice and eat whole grains. I'm thankful Heavenly Father has given us ways to be or get healthy!