Tuesday, May 11, 2010

**************We have the power to be healthy by how we eat!!!!

I have been searching for the fountain of Youth (being healthy) for the last 18 years and it has been quite an adventure! I have learned a lot but still have only touched the tip of the iceberg!

In the Word Of wisdom in the Doctrine and covenant sec. 89. It teaches to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and very little meat. What great advice! So many of us are malnutritioned and aren't getting the mineral in our fruits and vegetables because the soil has been depleted through the years, so it is important to take trace minerals.

We have so many toxins in our society (water, air, food, sugar, negative attitude) that we build up toxins in our bodies which changes our body to a more acidic environment, where germs and toxins do thrive and cause disease. It weakens our immune system, so we can't fight off the germs that are in our body and we get diseases.

We have the power to stay healthy or become healthy again! I get busy and eat what is easy. A number of years ago my daughter and I went to a raw preparation class given by Agi, she makes the best raw foods. I bought video's and recipe books on how to prepare raw veggies and nuts, and started to makes some of these recipes, but got lax. I am going to commit to prepare some of those amazing raw recipes to go along with steamed veggies, healthy soups, salads, brown rice, juicing etc.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Teaching children how to eat healthy. Teaching children to be responsible for their health!!!

Does anyone want to e-mail me their story about what they are doing to help their children understand what needs to be done to stay healthy. Or what you are doing to be healthy!!!

While raising my children I read as much as I could about how to raise healthy children. I made every effort to teach them how to eat a healthy diet of veggies and fruit and whole grains (and raw nuts), a little meat. I still have 5 growing boys at home and I am still trying to teach them good eating habits!!! It is a challenge sometimes!!!

I tried to teach them that it was mine and their responsibility to take care of themselves, not the Doctors or the Governments responsibility.

I taught them how important it was to drink a lot of water. And to try not to get carried away with eating a lot of sugary desserts and candy. I didn't say they could never have it though; I knew they would feel deprived and get carried away and eat too much sweets if I kept them from eating any sweets at all.

I always have to add that good health is always about body, mind and spiritual health. We always feel more healthy when we are active and living a well balanced life. Most important to me is having a good relationship with my Heavenly Father and with Jesus our Savior and Redeemer. If we have a good relationship with them it help us handle the trial in our life and health problems!!!

Life happens and we will have set backs in our health even when we try hard to eat healthy. Car accidents, falling, slipping on snow, breathing and drinking in toxins into our body will cause bad health. (solution: cleanse the body (herbs) and drink clean filtered or distilled water). Another thing that causes health problems is not knowing how to handle stress and having it in your life a high percentage of the time!!! Not getting enough restful sleep.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trying to stay positive through my trials!!!

This is a crucial time to keep a good attitude with the way the economy is going. We will be loosing our job in the first of Dec. So to try to stay healthy and not become consumed with the negative aspect of not having a job, I am trying to focus on the positive things in my life and look for the silver lining. I think in order for me to keep healthy I need to keep a good positive attitude and not become fearful or bitter. It does take a lot of prayer, and trusting in the Lord!!! MY hopes are that Richard will get a job when the other one is over! I will try not to waste my time worrying about it until we cross that bridge!!! Staying healthy isn't just about eating healthy and exercise etc. It is also important to think positive; negative thinking is toxic to the body and causes health problem. It all about body, mind and spirit!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Daughter Heidi just had a baby boy on March 4th, here is her experience!

My little Kendal

He's finally here! What a relief! Here's the (brief) story of how Kendal came into this world. Kendal was due on his Great Grandma Bentleys Birthday March 3rd, but of course like both my other two boys, they don't come when they are supposed to. Although, all day long on March 3rd I was having lots of labor pains and of course they came and went before the end of the day. I was even able to get an interview with the bishop for my Temple recommend, and after that I went to Heathers for a few hours for one of our Girls Nights.

When I got home I had more labor pains so I called my midwife. She told me to take a hot bath and see if they kept coming. They actually went almost completely away when I took a bath. So I decided to try to rest and get some sleep while I could. After only a hour or so after I decided to sleep I awoke with unbearable labor pains. I wasn't sure if I should call my midwife yet, so I kept laboring at home. I kept trying to wake Brian to see what I should do. So from like 4 or 4:30 a.m. until around 7ish when I called my midwife I WAS having true labor contractions. The plan was to meet at Bela at 8:30 a.m., after I had gathered what I needed and got the boys ready and out the door. (As you might be able to see in some of the pics we didn't have much time to even get the two older boys ready).
Well, I was having extreme contractions while on the way and wasn't sure if we'd make it on time, there was plenty of traffic. But sure enough we actually made it there,
(thanks to my great nagging skills). My midwife arrived a few moments after we did and let us in. I went into our room and noticed that we got there around 8:18ish.
My midwife started filling up the tub. I had two contractions while I was in our room and then I went into the tub. And to make a longer story shorter, Kendal was born only 20 minutes later after we had arrived at 8:38a.m. Hurray! We are so glad you are here sweet Kendal Paul!
Here are some pics of him the day he was born and some of his first visitors.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I loved being pregnant!

I haven't really written some of my experiences with my labor and delivery so I thought I would write a few points that helped me through all of my pregnancies and labor and deliveries! For one thing I loved being pregnant!

I did get morning sickness that would last for 3 months, and that was sickening! But all in all I loved being pregnant. I loved going through labor and delivery, it was a wonderful experience each and every one. I was excited to welcome each precious baby into my life and home! My husband and I enjoyed each baby and each experience we had with them! When I would get close to having the baby I would visualize the whole process and get my self emotionally ready to go through labor and delivery and I made it a point to not be fearful. I would also try to find a way to relax through the contractions or serge's, I read a book called "childbirth without fear". When I was pregnant with my 10th I was getting more scared so me and my husband went to a hypnobirthing class which was really fun it helped me prepare for my 10th child in my 46th year. I had a wonderful experience having my 10 child and 6th boy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Secrets of the baby whisperer.

My daughter, Heidi's book review on the "Secrets of the baby whisperer".

Lately I've been reading this great book called, "Secrets of the baby whisper". *See Image above.
I can't remember where I got this book but I've had it for a long time. I think I actually started reading it before I had Braden but I never finished it. Well, I finally decided to start reading it again, and I've really enjoyed it so far. It's hard to put it down once I get started. Anyways, it's a great way to learn how to listen to your baby and really see/hear what he wants instead of you having to guess and actually force him into some bad habits etc. Or you guessing what he really is trying to tell you. In her book she doesn't say that her way is the only way, we obviously have our own choice in how to take care of our children, but she says that this is a great way to be able to meet both yours AND the baby's needs so everybody's happy. Not only for the first weeks of your baby's life but in the long run. That has definitely been a struggle that I have had in the past with my 2 older boys. Number ONE is lack of sleep. I'm hoping that with this next baby I will be able to follow Tracy's great Ideas to be able to get more sleep. She says how she tells her clients that come to her for help to take a nap during the day. I LOVE that. Sleep is so important to me. And of course ME time. So I can rejuvenate and be better at taking care of my kids.
Anyhow, I would recommend this book for some good reading and some great Ideas on how to be sane taking care of kids/baby's. Even if you don't believe entirely the way she does, she's got some good ideas. I definitely want to try her E*A*S*Y method and for sure her S*L*O*W method when the baby is born. I've had a hard time keeping with routines and such in the past, so I hope I can do it!!! I have 4 more weeks to finish her book AND to finish getting ready for another baby/child in the house! Wish me luck!

Nancy's comments: When a mother can learn to take care of her babies needs and also take care of her own needs with out neglecting her baby and with out neglecting her own needs, she has a perfect balance! I haven't read the book, but from what Heidi has told me, this book can help mother fulfill nurturing her baby and having time with her husband!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The title will be cut off! Half of my title will be cut off!

I have a little sign in the way so it cuts out the title, WEIRD!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My daughter, Heather Walker's birth experience's.

Hey Mom,

I was having fun reading your blog today, and thought I would write a little about my experiences with pregnancy and delivery.
My favorite pregnancy was with my second son Damian. I stayed more active that time. I had a one year old son that kept me
active. I would take him on walks almost every day. I was able to keep my weight down. I had also started out smaller with this
pregnancy. I knew more about everything, because it was my second pregnancy. So I wasn't as scared. I also didn't go over due.
I went into labor right on my due date, by taking Castor oil. Its so gross but it really works for me. I tried it twice and it worked
both times. I wasn't able to have my first son natural without an epidural, because the labor was too long, even though I wanted
to, but with Damian, I was lucky to have big breaks between my contractions, so it made it easier to make it through without an
epidural. I'm glad that I did, but I really didn't enjoy that last part, and I remember telling myself that I never wanted to feel that
feeling again. That is why I had an epidural with my last two, even though I am one to try to stay away from medications. I try to
use natural herbs more. I did have a bad reaction to my last epidural, which has made me afraid to ever have one again. The nurse
was able to hurray and give me something to raise my blood pressure, so I ended up being OK and was able to enjoy my babies
delivery. It was an exciting delivery. Only my contractions were numbed, but not the birth canal. So I could feel my baby coming
out and I couldn't stop it, even though my midwife was not there yet. Another women was delivering a few minutes ahead of me.
So my mom, the nurse and the Anesthesiologist were all getting ready to deliver him. The midwife did run in right as his head was
coming out. It was really fun, and I didn't mind the pressure and the feeling of him coming through the birth canal. I think because
I didn't have to fell the contractions, so I was able to handle the other pains. It wasn't so overwhelming.

I wanted to have Nurse Midwives, so I could have the best of both worlds. But I was disappointed to find out that most Nurse
Midwives are against herbs. With my last one though, I found a midwife that was open to me taking herbs, and I was very happy
about that. I bleed a lot after all my deliveries, so with my last one, I was bleeding a lot and the nurse was about to give me a shot,
which I always try to stay away from. My mother was prepared with some mistletoe that she had found out helps stop the bleeding.
So we asked the nurse and midwife if we could try the mistletoe first to see if that would work. They decided to let us, but if it didn't
seem to help by the next time they checked, they would give me the shot. So I took it and the next time they checked they were
surprised to see that it worked. They were happy to have learned about this herb. And I was so happy to be able to take something
that wouldn't give me side effects, like the shot could have. So over all I have had good experiences in the hospitals. I really like how
I can get away from my home and be pampered and have all my meals brought to me. Also I can just rest and enjoy my baby and
not be at home worrying about my house and if its getting trashed by my kids. I have been to a home birth and really liked the whole
experience. It was so neat to see a totally natural birth, the way it was meant to be, without any complications. I kind of wish that I
could be brave enough to do it that way, but I'm just too scared of the pain and complications. I guess I need more faith.

Thanks for reading my long story. Love, Heather

Nancy's comments: I really enjoyed reading your experience and also enjoyed sharing in all of your birth experiences! It has been a great joy to me to be involved in you special moments of bringing a precious child into the world, and seeing my grandchildren come into the world has been a awesome experience! I loved reading your feelings and emotions and ideas of what you have learned with having 4 children! I like your choices of having the best of both worlds, I have had women deliver my babies and men, and for me I prefer to have some one who has gone through it and who knows how it feels. I know there are good men OB doctors too! I just prefer a woman who has experienced labor and delivery for herself! And I know some women who would rather have men deliver their babies!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Here are some comments from the 2nd blog!

Blogger megandjon said...

i love this nancy! i was very gung ho to have a natural birth, but i went to the hospital, and ended up with the medical nightmare instead. next time i think i'm going to gather all my courage and faith and have it at home! i'll definitely be reading your blog!

and there's nothing wrong with being a treehugger ;)

January 5, 2009 6:34 PM
Blogger Bentley Bunch said...

I have had eight babies, all in the hospital and I loved it! Knowing there was medical back up in seconds helped to releave much stress. I was allowed to have my babies my way. Without medication, without restraints or IV's. With some of them I had a midwife that worked with an OBGYN. Each doctor was very co-operative. Even at age 41 with my last baby my male OBGYN was very supportive and listened to me. For one thing, he knew I knew my body by that time. Children were encouraged to be there with us. I choose not to have my children there with the exception of my last baby. We invited our two oldest daughters, ages 20 and 18 to be there for her birth. That was a special occasion for all of us. I believe that doctors, nurses and hospitals have come a long way in providing both a comfortable, clean, safe environment with medical back up, if needed, readily available. Having that back up has saved the life of one of my grandsons, who would not be alive today without it.

I think this blog is wonderful and I support Nancy very much and love and admire her very much. I have known her for 34 years. She was one of my best friends and is still one of my best friends. I hope I can continue to learn also, for babies, nursing and raising children is the center of my life also. I loved it!!!

January 5, 2009 7:55 PM
Blogger Healthy Births and Healthy foods healthy living! said...

Thanks for your comments! I really agree with you, Hospital birth are great! I had 10 in the hospital; and was glad they let me have the baby my way, what a blessing! My male Doctors and nurses were so serviceable! My midwives in the hospital were great too! Any way women want to have their baby is great! Because it is her way!

January 5, 2009 8:28 PM
Blogger Healthy Births and Healthy foods healthy living! said...

Megan I am sorry that you had a a bad experience in having your baby at the hospital! I do think that for many first birth they can be traumatic for many women, because they didn't know what to expect! I think you will have a better experience with your next birth because you will know what to expect next time.

Working on any fears that women have about birth will also help in giving birth! Women can be in charge of how they want to DELIVER their babies in the hospital and at home! We need to remember it is the mother delivering the baby. The doctor and midwifes are the ones assisting!

January 5, 2009 10:04 PM
Blogger zdh621 said...

I had 5 babies in the hospital and loved it. I had them all natural. I also feel it is an individual choice to where and how we each have our children. I love and admire my sister Nancy. She has an amazing family and I love them all very much. I respect the choices she has made. I love this blog. Thank You!!!! Denise

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good health our resposibility!

I would like to get more responses from other women's experiences, and what they did to try to stay healthy through the stages of pre-pregnancy through their pregnancy and after during lactating!

The secret to good Health is in our own hands! It is up to me to stay healthy by what I put into my body! whether it be through food, water or thought! Negative thoughts can cause health problems, and eating junk food even breathing in toxic air can add to it. Our immune system gets over taxed through the years of toxic build up in our body so it is hard to bounce back to good health. when we were younger and would get sick we could bounce back easier because of a stronger immune system.

for our teen agers they probably eat more fast food and junk food compared to when we were growing up, so I would just guess that they would become toxic quicker than the other generation and need to prepare their bodies for pregnancy a year earlier to clean out the toxins! Even the older generation having babies are told to prepare their bodies for pregnancy a year earlier by eating healthier!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Neice, Celeste's thought on pregnancy, nursing and exercisng during pregnancy!

I was so excited to read your new Blog. I have always loved learning about Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding etc., but I didn't realize how important it is to me until more recently and while reading your Blog. You are more than welcome to put any of this e-mail on there if you would like to.

I always knew, even as a child, that all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Mom. I didn't realize until recently that this feeling I had was from my Heavenly Father. I am definitely far from a perfect Mother. I have so much to work on, but I have learned so much about myself by asking for help in raising my children.

I loved being pregnant. I loved the way it made me feel; kind of in awe at how my body could grow like that and how amazing it was to feel the baby moving. I am very thankful for modern day medicine, because if I had lived even just a hundred years ago, my first baby would have died (she was born at 32 weeks) and I would have died when I was bleeding from a ruptured fallopian tube because of a tubal pregnancy. Hospitals were great to me, but I would have loved the opportunity to have mine at home.

I also love being able to nurse. I didn't realize how well my first one nursed until my second one wasn't gaining weight and I had to supplement with formula after every feeding. Then my son didn't like nursing. He would just cry every time I layed him down to eat. I think there could have been a lot of reasons for this (for example; I was too tense, he had acid reflux, etc.) and I might have done things differently had I known what I know now, but that is how we learn. I nursed him until 7 months then for the sake of both of our sanity, I got him to take a bottle. I felt so sad that my baby didn't want me. But my last one loves nursing and I couldn’t be happier. My prayers were definitely answered.

I didn't try very hard with my first three babies to keep myself healthy, and I didn't realize I was missing out on anything until a friend got me to start going to our free exercise classes at our church. (I think exercising with someone else is the key) Now I know what I was missing. More energy, my mind seems clearer and I can deal with my emotions better. I felt great during my last pregnancy and was able to work out the whole time. Since then I still feel great. My body is not back to normal but I'm trying to be patient because I know it will get better. The thing I want people to know, though, is that it doesn't matter how much you weight, or even how you look; what matters is how you feel. Of course being in your weight range is important to keep your heart and all other parts of your body working well so that you can have a more active healthy life, but we shouldn't worry about what the world thinks women should look like.

I hope women can read this Blog and realize how great it is to be a woman. Whether you have children or not. And women who are contemplating having children need to know that it is an awesome thing and you don't have to do it alone! We are all here to help.

Nancy- Thank you for being such a great example of a women and mother to me. I'm thankful for all the women in my life who help me be better! I love you

Love Celeste

Nancy's comments:I have really loved seeing you with your children you are such a good mom! You have such cute and darling children too! Thanks for your ideas It is really good to hear your experiences! I like how you were able to exercise with this last pregnancy, exercising with others would make it so much easier!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Mother-in-law, EVA Bentley's way of staying healthy during her pregnancy!

My main method was to take vitamins, before, during, and after a pregnancy--in other words, all the time! I had a problem with anemia, and I always had to take iron pills whether pregnant or not. I was way too tired to walk--but I did some housework and some cooking. I had made a promise to myself when I was young, that I would NEVER let dirty clothes pile up like my Mom did. She did the best she could--I just mention it to show why I made such a promise to myself. Another problem is when clean clothes are not put away, and they get down and get dirty again without being used. I did not allow that to happen. I didn't make the beds, sweep the floors, or dust the furniture--but I took care of the washing. That was as close as I got to walking. I admire those of you who exercise and walk, but I didn't think of doing that. I have great and awesome daughters-in-law though! Love, Mom

Nancy's comments: I think it is a good away to keep active! Eva used her energy wisely by keeping the house clean and doing laundry! She found a way to burn the calories and keep active and keep her house looking nice!

Family weight loss program for 12 weeks.

In my husbands side of the family, our nephew Bret started up the biggest losers program, like on T.V. We are suppose to keep track of our weight on the web-site he created, no one can see our weight. But he has a tracker on there to show who has lost the most weight through percentage! We can also keep in contact with each other by making comments. We sign in every Monday for 12 weeks! This sure makes it funner to try to loose weight. Me and my daughters were going to see who could loose the most weight too, so I am glad that Bret started this program! I just hope I can be one of the biggest losers!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Celebrating Womanhood!

Celebrating womanhood and passing our legacy of motherhood onto the next generation! This is what this blog it is all about, the positive attitude of motherhood! This blog is not to dictate how, when or where to have a baby or how many children a mother should have! This blog is all about sharing our experiences and what we have learned through our experiences with out try to criticize anyone else for what they believe!

I basically wanted to start this because I wanted to bring about a attitude in the world today that there are women in the world today, that love being who Heavenly Father made them to be! I wanted to bring about the feeling that having a baby is a God given gift and can be looked at in a spiritual way! We can bring about spiritual awakening and feeling of calmness and not FEAR of childbirth!

I want the young women to know how sacred it is to become a mother and to know that is very special and is not to be taken lightly!

So it is not my purpose to make any one feel guilty if they don't have 10 children or 6,5,4,3,2 or even 1 child ! Each woman has their mission to fulfill and their mission is important and will be unique, not identical to my life experience! I want to acknowledge how unique each one of us are! Along with how wonderful it is to have things in common! So I am trying to find some common grounds!

So lets have fun with this and try to accept each others differences! But please share your knowledge and make some comments even if it might be different from mine!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The 4 on the right are mothers dancing to get into shape! Shanae is not a mother and and is single.

Ways to keep a healthy body through any stage of life!

Here is a picture of Ruth S. Bentley and how she learned to take care of her health during her 8th pregnancy through walking and then later running! This is one of her marathons that she ran! What a healthy looking mother and grandma!

There are many ways to keep the body healthy and strong! Good nutrition, exercise and a good healthy attitude!

Some of the other ways to exercise is swimming, dancing, walking, floor exercises, weight lifting, sm. trampoline, sports, aerobics, yoga.........

I hope that you bloggers will share with us some of the ways you are exercising!

Ruth Snow Bentley's experience in having a healthier pregnancy!

I think it is very important to be healthy before getting pregnant and then staying healthy and active during pregnancy. I know for me it helped me to continue to walk as many mornings as I could while pregnant with my 8th baby. I mention the 8th one because I didn't really exercise with the others. I didn't see how I could. I just didn't have the time, the knowledge behind it or much support. After getting up to 200 pounds with my 7th baby I knew I had to do something different.

I started by getting a running stroller. Actually first I started by learning how to eat better. There is so much information out there about diet and exercise. That wasn't the case 15 years ago though when I had my 7th baby, so for those of you who are now having babies you have a greater advantage than us mothers who are now done and had most of our babies in the 80's or 90's. Maybe you can learn from our mistakes.

Walking for me has made a huge difference. It was something I could stick with and then it grew from walking to running. I ran my first marathon at age 50 and I have never felt stronger. I truly believe that walking, running and weight lifting have added so much energy and vitality to my life. I have a goal that even though I was an older mother with my last baby. I do not want her to feel that she has an old mother. I feel stronger now, have more energy than I did in my 30's. I feel exercise is very important! I want to keep my goal.

I know as a mother of young children it is hard to make the time to exercise. Do it anyway!!! We are the only ones who can take care of our body. We have to make time for ourself!
Ruth Bentley
Mrs. Utah United States Pageant

Having healthy babies and working on being healthy!

Everything in life isn't always going to be perfect! I know that there will be complications, and things don't always turn out the way we want them too. My thinking is that we can learn as much as we can to be healthy and have a healthy birth and a healthy child.

I decided to titled my blog "healthy births healthy living", because it is really important to me! Even if we don't eat perfect at least trying is all worth it! Trying to have a positive attitude is worth it too. But it doesn't mean everything will be positive all the time! Life happens and we all have our ups and downs!

But it is fun to try to see what we can do to be healthy! Even though I am done having babies, I am really interest in pregNANCY and birth, nursing and feeding babies! I want to help inspire and motivate those who are wanting to have babies, and who are having babies! Most woman can have a healthy pregnancy, and birth, a healthy baby, through nutrition, movement (some exercising) and attitude!

(As a side note, I am aware that their will be situations that we can not control because things happen that cause complications! I am aware of you women who have had complications in birth etc. and I have a heartfelt appreciation for you and your experience! My heart goes out to you!)

Having a baby is a natural process!

I started this blog because I think it is important to have a attitude about having babies that would be far from fear! I wanted to get some ideas out in our society that having babies is a natural process! Our society has made it into a medical ordeal, and I would like our young women to realize that it is a natural and wonderful process, so that when they are ready to have children they won't be so afraid of it!